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I'm a software engineer turned wedding photographer and the voice behind Tech Savvy Creative. I love all things technology and spent many years in the world of IT before running my own business. I'm a Mama to Kendall and Quinn, and a Wife to Andrew, and utilizing technology effectively is so important to me because it means I get to spend more time with my favorite people!

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My Picks for Prime Day 2022

My Top Picks!

These three items are the first deals I check for on any Prime Day, especially the SD Cards. As a photographer, you can never have too many!

#1 –Samsung T7 SSD External Hard Drive in 2TB

This tiny hard drive is fast, reliable, and SUPER portable. If you’re a photographer or a creative who uses external hard drives regularly, you absolutely need one of these! I personally have two of these – one for my personal photos, and a second that I use as my “working drive” for my photography business. Not sure what I mean by “working drive”? I cover that in my Fearless File Management for Photographers course!

#2 – Apple Airpods Pro

I use my Airpods Pro every single day. If you already have a pair of Airpods, the Airpods Pro are definitely worth the upgrade – I love the noise canceling!

#3 – Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Cards

Photographers – can you have too many SD cards? NOPE! Sandisk’s Extreme Pro SD Cards are something you definitely want to keep an eye on!

#4 – Apple Watch Series 7

If you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch, this is a crazy good deal!

Computer Accessories

Little gadgets can make all the difference in your productivity. Here are some of my favorites!

Hard Drives

If you work with large files, you probably have a few external hard drives laying around. Here’s my most used and loved picks!

Favorite overall: Samsung T7 SSD in 2TB

A little more on the expensive side, but far more portable and reliable than most! I use this external hard drive as my “working drive” for weddings & sessions I’ve photographed.

Favorite desktop drive: Seagate Expansion 10TB

Desktop drives have a large capacity and tend to be cheaper, but they do have to be plugged into a wall and your computer. I use these drives as extra backups, and also for my time machine backups!

Favorite budget friendly: Lacie Rugged USB-C 4TB

I love these drives so much, I have 12 of them! They are affordable and I haven’t had any issues with them. I use these drives to store my sessions & weddings after they have been delivered to the client.

Camera Gear

While it’s rare for lenses & camera bodies to go on sale, it never hurts to check! Here’s what I currently have in my bag!

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