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Ever wish I could come sit next to you as you work on a project or setting something up? Well now you can with a Vox Day! Instead of trying to cram all the questions you can into a 1 hour coaching call, you can now hang out with me from 9AM - 4PM CST. This lets you work on something throughout the day and ask questions as you go!

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Voxer is a free App for your phone that acts as a walkie-talkie. All you have to do is push the orange button and talk, and your message will be sent real time! We will have our own private thread where you can also send text, photo and video messages as well which is perfect when we are working on something together!

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Make sure you celebrate your progress at the end of the day! Little changes make big results!


Our day begins at 9AM CST! You are in control of the day - that means we can talk all day long, in between meetings, or you can message me as you work on something!

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Head over to the App Store and download the Voxer app to your phone. While you're at it, sign up for your free account!

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Start your process by choosing a time and date for your Vox Day!

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Vox Days are simple - pick a day, and when that day arrives, we chat! You will have access to me on Voxer from 9AM - 4PM CST, so you can get help with something throughout the day or for just a small part of the day. You are in control!


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Here are just some of the tools I've Helped my clients with!

You're right - I need it!

Troubleshoot a slow device to see what the heck is going on, and determine if its time to upgrade!

Get help deciding between a few different tools and which one will work best for you.

Fine tune your photography workflow by streamlining your upload process and how you manage your files

New computer? Let's set it up together!

Work on customizing your tool to work better for you and your business (Dubsado, Click Up, Etc)

Get help setting up automated backups for your files - in both the cloud and a local hard drive!

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Get the support you need by scheduling a Vox day! Vox Days are from 9AM-4PM on your selected date. We can talk about one topic all day long, or we can dive into many topics - you are in control!


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