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Note: I personally use all of the resources on this page and some of them are affiliate links!

Some Of my All Time favs

There are so many amazing tools, books, educational resources and gadgets out there and I am so excited to share some of my favorites with you! Scroll on down to see what is inside my own business toolbox, plus some personal items I can't live without! 

Business & Personal Task Management

I'm one of those "I have to write it down or I will instantly forget" kind of people, and ClickUp has been a game changer for me in both my photography business and Tech Savvy Creative. All of my todo's and tasks live in ClickUp, and I love that I can see everything on one big calendar. I can even set templates, repeating tasks, and assign items to my team members!


Can't Live Without It:

Beautiful Emails

I'll admit it... email marketing wasn't my thing until a friend introduced me to FloDesk. FloDesk is an incredible and easy-to-use email marketing tool that allows you to quickly build stunning emails and workflows. Whether you already have an email list or you are just getting started, this is the tool you need to try. Better yet, you can save 50% with the button below! 


easy & stunning websites

If I had to pick my favorite tool of all time, it would be Showit. Showit is the ultimate website builder that allows myself and thousands of other creatives to build jaw-dropping websites. With Showit, you can build your website by dragging and dropping - no coding experience required! Plus, you will have access to their world class support team!


My top 3 tools!

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See the products I use every day to enhance my business and personal life! I've curated my favorite things so you can sit back and shop!

Try Planoly*

Social Media planning can be tough, but Planoly definitely makes this so much easier! With Planoly, I can quickly schedule my Instagram feed in advance and it will post my content for me!

instagram planning


I need it*

I've gone through my fair share of milage trackers, and Everlance is by far my favorite! It works seamlessly in the background, and never misses a trip. Save some major money on your taxes with this tool!

mileage tracker


Get it now

Slack allows me to quickly communicate with my team members and coaching clients in both a one-on-one setting as well as a group setting! Think of it like a group text without distractions! It's amazing!



Join Dropbox*

I keep all of my documents, graphics, and other misc. files in Dropbox. This allows me to easily access all of my files on any computer, and also give access to my team members!

file management


sign up

Skip the back and forth emails and simplify your process with an online scheduler like Calendly. I love Calendly because it is simple to use and my clients can clearly see my availability! 

online scheduler


yes please*

Having a cloud backup is critical, especially in my photography business. BackBlaze is my go-to cloud backup tool, and it gives me peace of mind that my client's images are safe!

cloud backup


Oh yes!*

Tools aren't just for business - you can make your personal life easier too! Plan to Eat is an app that allows me to store all of my favorite recipes, plan them on a calendar, and create a shopping list! I LOVE it!!

meal tracker

plan to eat

Try it!

With Polymail, I can quickly sort and flag my emails. It also lets me schedule emails and replies from my computer or mobile device! Such a lifesaver for those late night bursts of productivity!



Yes Please

I easily get overwhelmed with all the ideas, and Mind Node helps me map them out and get organized! This tool is perfect for the creative who needs to turn their ideas into a plan - give it a try! I think you'll love it!

Idea Mapping

Mind Node

Check it Out*

For Tech Savvy, I use Dubsado to manage my coaching clients, their appointments and invoices! I love the public proposal features that allow my clients to book on their own!

client management


Need this*

Huge Dave Ramsey fan here, and it is top priority that my business & personal finances are Debt free. To manage our budget (personal and business) we use YNAB to track our zero based budget! 



yes please

Loom is a simple and easy to use tool that allows me to record walk throughs and tutorials for my clients! If you need to record your screen, this is a great tool to add to your tool box!  

Screen Recording


Get It!*

I make a ton of graphics for my businesses, and Canva makes it SO EASY to create professional looking designs! No more complicated software is needed - you have to check out this FREE website!

Design Tools


Sign Up*

Pinterest can be a powerhouse for your business, and Tailwind allows me to quickly schedule pins! My page views have skyrocketed since I started using Tailwind! 

Pinterest Planning



With Polymail, I can quickly sort and flag my emails. It also lets me schedule emails and replies from my computer or mobile device! Such a lifesaver for those late night bursts of productivity!

Email management


Try Tave*

Tave is the heartbeat of my photography business. It manages all of my clients, contracts, invoices, and the bulk of my automations. It is so powerful and I love it!

Client Management


software toolbox...

also in my

you know you want it

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