are you prepared?


but most importantly,

keep your client's memories safe

Your process is different every time and requires manual dragging and dropping to get things done.

you don't have a solid workflow after your shoot

you would be totally screwed if your hard drive failed

You pray to the tech gods, because that last shoot would be GONE if a hard drive failed or a card corrupted.

Some RAWs are on one hard drive, some on your desktop, and some you're not even sure if you've even imported them from the card yet...

your files are a mess

does this sound familiar?


An online course for photographers who are looking for an easy to understand and scalable system to keep their files organized and safe!

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You're right - I need it!

you could confidently tell your clients that the images from their most important memories are safe, backed up and protected. 

you had images from EVERY shoot for your website and social media that are SEO ready

you could work on both your laptop and desktop without needing to transfer files

you could find any file from any session in just a few clicks

your images automatically backed up to multiple places as soon as they are imported

you knew exactly what to do with your files after a wedding, event or shoot

how would you feel if:

you just need a little help with the tech stuff

it's time to keep those files safe, and enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes with it!

You're an incredible artist and you capture amazing images for your clients,

Invaluable peace of mind because you will never have to worry about losing your client's most precious memories ever again!

Lifetime access to over 40 short and easy-to-understand video lessons that will teach you how to properly import, manage, export, and backup all of your images.

the course includes:

a peEk at the modules:

  • Motivating Pep Talk
  • What you need for this system
  • External hard drives I use
  • Software I recommend
  • Overview of the full system

In this module, we will go over what you need and why you need it. We will also talk about what the whole system looks like from a birds eye view!

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Recommended Camera Settings
  • Formatting memory cards
  • Should you delete individual photos?
  • Rating in camera


Having a great and solid plan for your file system starts in camera! In this module, we will cover camera settings, and tips to make your workflow easier once the files are on your computer.

  • How to format your hard drives
  • Create a file organization system
  • Lightroom set up & import presets
  • How to add a new client folder
  • Creating a new Lightroom catalog

MODULE 3: Formatting & file Organization

Create a file system that is organized and easy to use so you never have to frantically search for a missing file again.

  • How to properly transfer images to your computer
  • Import images into Lightroom
  • How to time sync images when using multiple cameras
  • Culling images

MODULE 4: Importing, Time Syncing & Culling

Whether you use Photo Mechanic or prefer to import and cull in Lightroom, this module will walk you through the whole process, step by step.

  • How to organize your Lightroom Catalog for a wedding, event or mini sessions
  • Additional edits in Photoshop
  • How to export and import your catalog for an Editor

MODULE 5: Editing Extras

Let's walk through a few advanced workflow scenarios that you might encounter as a photographer, including organizing a large event and working with an outside editor.

  • Creating Export Presets
  • Exporting Images for Web Use
  • Exporting full resolution images
  • Using JPEG Mini Pro
  • Uploading images to an online gallery

MODULE 6: Exporting

Whether you are exporting full resolution images for print or images for the web, this module will show you how!

MODULE 7: Backups

Learn how to backup ALL of your files to multiple places, so when a hard drive fails (it will), you are prepared and can get all of your files back quickly!

  • Overview of a full backup system
  • Learn the difference between a cloud backup and a local backup
  • How to automate your backup workflow
  • Set up backups using Time Machine
  • Set Up backups using Backblaze
  • Walkthrough of the whole process from import to export and backup
  • How to clean up your current file mess
  • What to do when your hard drive fails
  • How to protect files while traveling

Module 8: Walk Throughs

Need to see a scenario in a bit more detail? In this module, learn how to handle unique situations and challenges with our full walk throughs. 

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