It's time to say goodbye to lost files, slow computers, and tools that aren't saving you time. Get your digital life organized once and for all with our 40+ page eBook!

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Is your digital life a hot mess?

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Could you recover your files if your hard drive failed? Or would you lose everything and have to start over?

you would be totally screwed if your hard drive failed

Do you avoid restarting your computer because it takes 30 minutes for it to start up and get to a workable state?

Your computer takes forever to start up

You can't even see your cute desktop wallpaper anymore because there's a bazillion files on top of it...

Your desktop is cluttered with random files

does this sound familiar?

That's why I've created a step-by-step guide just for you!

And now here we are - Running a business that completely relies on our computers, phones, and other tech!

They don't exactly teach us how to take care of our computers in school, do they?

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A step by step guide to help you clean up your digital life and keep it organized!

the Organize your digital life ebook


You're right - I need it!

Technology can be downright unpredictable. Thats why it is so important to have a backup of your files. You never know when that hard drive can suddenly fail!

Computers, phones and tablets are expensive! Taking care of these devices helps your investment last longer

Routine maintenance tasks help keep your computer fast, secure and reliable

Less time trying to figure out where something is, so you can spend more time doing what you love!

why is this important?

Keep your client experience top notch with these tips on how to optimize your client management system.

Tips to optimize your client management system

Technology is unpredictable, which is why it is SO important to have a backup of your files.

How to backup & protect your files

Clean up that inbox and put some boundaries on your calendar - you didn't start your business to be working 24/7!

steps to organize your inbox, calendar & more!

Do you have email templates but they are more work than just writing an email from scratch? Let's get that fixed!

Tips to make your templates work for you

Dawn's "Fresh Start Method" will help you establish your folder structure and get things organized... finally!

how to organize your files

Like a car needs routine oil changes, your computer needs some routine maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

Routine tasks to keep your computer fast

In the ebook, you will learn:

I need more help, how can I ask more questions?

If you have more questions, please email Dawn at Depending on the question, you may be referred to a one-on-one service so we can dive in together!

will this fix my slow computer?

Slow computers can be caused by a number of things, so it is possible that this will not solve all of your issues. However, getting things organized can help significantly if there aren't other underlying issues!

How is this delivered?

We use a platform called Podia to deliver our ebooks and courses. You will receive an email with login information and can download the PDF from your dashboard! 

If something changes, do I get the update?

Technology is constantly changing, which mean this eBook will have occasional updates. When the eBook is updated, you will receive an email with the latest version!

Is this only for apple users?

This eBook is for both Mac and PC users! Each section of the guide is generic and relevant to both systems, and links are provided if there are different steps for a Mac or PC!

What if Im not very tech savvy?

I got you! This eBook was designed with you in mind. Each section includes step by step instructions and explanations where applicable. 

Frequently asked questions

While this guide will be very useful for you, it does NOT cover how to manage RAW files, Lightroom Catalogs, and other photography specific content. For photographers, we recommend our Fearless File Management for Photographers course!

A note for photographers:

Get the guide for $19!

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