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Friends, meet Maddie Peschong of Take it Personally Podcast. Maddie and I connected at the Reset conference a few years back, and since she has been an amazing friend and fellow entrepreneur. It is an honor to be on her podcast for a second time, and this time, we are talking all about AI tools […]

Take it Personally Podcast: Leveraging AI in your Photo Business

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Oh, 2023. Let’s just say its a year I will never forget. While it was a rollercoaster ride of personal hardships, it was also an exciting year for Tech Savvy Creative! I spent the majority of the year being a full-time stay at home mom, so the little work time I got was often spent […]

2023 Podcast Episode Recap

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Tech Savvy Creative friends, meet Erinn Bridgman of The Wealthy Woman Podcast. Erinn is my fellow nerd in the thick of the creative industry, and in this episode we talk all about AI tools and how to use them in your business. When we recorded this episode, I was in the thick of stay-at-home Mom […]

The Wealthy Woman Podcast: Utilize AI in Your Business

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If you’re a photographer, this podcast episode is one you don’t want to miss! I’m chatting with my friend Quianna of Quianna Marie Photography about preparing for your tech to fail. Here’s the thing – it’s not if something is going to crap out on you, it’s when. Whether thats a failed hard drive, a crashed computer, […]