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I'm a software engineer turned wedding photographer and the voice behind Tech Savvy Creative. I love all things technology and spent many years in the world of IT before running my own business. I'm a Mama to Kendall and Quinn, and a Wife to Andrew, and utilizing technology effectively is so important to me because it means I get to spend more time with my favorite people!

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How I Use My Apple Watch on Wedding Days

If you’ve met me in person or have been reading the blog for a little while, you know that I’m a big fan of technology. I grew up watching my Grandpa build computers, and I eventually went on to do technical support and training at Apple. I loved that job so much, but I’ve learned that I don’t have to be behind the Genius Bar to share my love for technology.

I’m one of those early adopter, get in line at 2 AM kind of fan girls. Sometimes jumping on board with the first model of a device has come back to haunt me, but not with the Apple Watch. I purchased a 38mm Sport (Series 1) right on launch day and later sold that for the gold model that came out a short time later. Apple has recently announced the Apple Watch Series 3, but I have to admit, I’ve had zero issues with my first generation watch – it might be awhile before I upgrade.

Aside from the awesome day to day things that I love about my watch, I especially love it as a photographer. It has become a necessary tool for me on wedding days and I’d love to tell you why!


My primary use for the Apple Watch* as a wedding photographer is for wedding day timelines. Using the Modular watch face and the calendar complication, all I have to do is glance down at my watch to see what is next. If I want to see more of the timeline, all I need is a simple tap and the full timeline appears.  I have seen photographers do this using apps and notes, but I’ve found that the simplest way is to set it up on your calendar. I’ve created a step by step in this post!


Light is important to a photographer, and knowing the exact sunset time is critical! I always keep the Sunrise/Sunset complication on my watch face so I have up to date info on what the sun is doing. This is extra handy when things are running behind and you are trying to prioritize photos!


I don’t know about you, but I can be a bit competitive about those three rings. On an average wedding day, a photographer is on their feet for 8-12 hours. Girl, get credit for those steps and close those rings!


I have had a few scenarios where something happened on a wedding day and a coordinator needs to get ahold of me. Since I have my watch on me, I can be instantly (and silently) notified when someone is trying to reach me. I can keep my phone in my bag or my pocket and have that peace of mind on a wedding day!

Do you use an Apple Watch on wedding days? I’d love to hear your favorite ways to use it in the comments below!

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